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7 Strategies to Coaching Positive Attitudes In the Workplace!

Attitudes affect personal performance as well as team performance, and a negative attitude can inhibit any successful team and its organization. In this webinar track you will learn how to coach an employee, friend, and/or associate to a more positive attitude


How to Design and Deliver a Coaching Training Program Your Managers Will Love

This webcast will teach five specific strategies to enabling your management and leadership teams to become effective coaches in the workplace. The number one barrier associated with training managers to coach is their perception of the lack of time. We teach a variety of specific strategies along with delivery methodologies that help get past this barrier as well as many others.


The Sales Difference

This webcast will teach a very specific strategy that helps differentiate salespeople and teams. The sales difference is about what you sell but how you sell it. This is not your typical webcast that teaches a sales training strategy, rather this webcast will teach a unique strategy depositions salespeople to differentiate themselves by applying proven strategies that has customer saying WOW! 


Coaching Motivation: 7 Strategies to Build More Motivated & Engaged Employees

The number one thing that motivates employees today would surprise most of corporate America. The number one attribute that motivates people is not reward and recognition. People are motivated by a very simple factor that most managers are not aware of but if become aware, can dramatically increase employee development and retention. This webinar will teach 7 specific strategies to motivating employees. 


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