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Coaching Inside the Sales Funnel

This free and 100% educational webcast will teach very specific sales coaching strategies designed to not only find out what's going on inside the sales funnel but how to improve.

We see leads go into the funnel and we see sales or lost sales come out but rarely do sales managers dedicate themselves to coaching to what happens inside the sales funnel. This is where the sales and performance opportunity exists! Sales managers and leaders who coach inside the sales funnel - where sales are truly won and lost - gain a strong competitive edge in the marketplace.

Attend this live, interactive 60-minute webinar to learn + 7 Day Follow-up Course:

* How specific coaching techniques can help you identify staff’s strengths and areas of needed improvement.

* Where in the sales funnel each salesperson is struggling and what to do about it.

* How to coach staff who are struggling with prospecting, needs-based selling, and fear of losing or asking for the order.

Who should attend:

VP of Sales, Sales Leaders, Sales Managers, Sales Supervisors

Why you need to attend:

All day training events simply do not work and this approach will keep the core techniques and strategies at the forefront of your mind without disrupting your day to day selling activities.

The techniques taught in both the webinar and learning track lessons will reveal proven methods to successfully coach your sales team inside the sales funnel.


How to Deliver A Coaching Training Program Managers Will Love!

This webcast will teach five specific strategies to enable your management and leadership teams to become effective coaches in the workplace. The number one barrier associated with training managers to coach is their perception of the lack of time. We teach a variety of specific strategies along with delivery methodologies that help get past this barrier as well as many others. This webcast is about delivering strategies to enable your workplace culture to encompass positive manager coaches that develop and retain top talent.

Tim Hagen, Chief Coaching Officer at Progress Coaching, has been teaching managers how to coach their employees for the past 20 years. Please join Tim in this webcast for a highly energetic webcast filled with "specific" solutions.



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