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 How to Design and Deliver a Coaching Training Program Your Managers Will Love
This webcast will teach five specific strategies to enabling your management and leadership teams to become effective coaches in the workplace. The number one barrier associated with training managers to coach is their perception of the lack of time. We teach a variety of specific strategies along with delivery methodologies that help get past this barrier as well as many others. This webcast is about delivering strategies to enable your workplace culture to encompass positive manager coaches that develop and retain top talent.

Five Strategies That Save Time (Seriously!)
Progress coaching teaches an inventory of creative strategies to deliver our training program but also can be used if you are a life or executive or sales coach. If you provide coaching and are looking for creative ways to increase your revenue and save time this webcast is for you. 

The webcast will teach very specific strategies of how to leverage time and scale your revenues upward in a way that your customers will love you. More times than not we think of coaching as being this in person one on one endeavor when in reality we can deliver coaching on a variety of Levels of delivery.

Coaching Your Employees to Great Careers
This webcast will teach a very specific set of strategies for career development based coaching. A person whose career is progressing will always be loyal to management and to the organization that provides the coaching this webcast will teach very specific career development strategies and not simply conceptual insights. We will teach a very specific whiteboard coaching strategy that helps map out each employee's career goals, aspirations, and activities required to reach those goals. 

This webcast will teach very specific whiteboard coaching strategies to develop high performing careers as well as methods such as journal based coaching, observational coaching, etc.

Plan Your Coaching For Next Year!
This webcast will teach how to evaluate your year of coaching as well as design strategies for the upcoming year. This will be an interactive webcast based workshop teaching evaluation and design strategies and techniques.

Feedback is Your Friend 
This webcast is dedicated to the program called "Feedback is Your Friend". The "Feedback is Your Friend" workshop is designed to teach employees how to seek, accept, and utilize feedback for personal and professional growth. For far too long we have focused our efforts on managers and their leadership competencies and have even taught how to give and provide feedback; nevertheless, it is imperative that we also nurture the people who are going to receive it: the employees! 

Coaching to Drive a Positive Workplace Culture
This webcast will teach five specific strategies of what it takes to utilize coaching is a strategic aspect to drive positive workplace cultures. We will discuss and teach specific strategies versus generalizations are simple concepts. We will even demonstrate specific products and tools that can be used to drive a positive workplace culture leveraging the value of coaching. The challenge with workplace cultures as they are often defined by corporate values and principles when in fact we need are managers not only to represent those values and principles but drive them to each and every employee through coaching.

The Everyday Coach
This webcast is a product launch for the new program The Everyday Coach! This webcast will reveal the value of positioning leaders and non leaders how to coach, how to receive coaching, and how to use coaching to drive a positive workplace culture from a variety of organizational perspectives. Workplace cultures depend upon employees to receive as well as deliver coaching that creates and retains top talent.

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