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The Coaching Training Series

December 6th at 11:00 AM CST

This is an informational webinar depicting the offerings of the coaching conversation series. This unique approach provides organizations a fixed cost to training their managers, all their managers, and how to coach to various topics such as attitude or team development or conflict or millennial's or??? This webinar will detail the offerings of this training program which is a monthly program where two virtual workshops of 90 minutes each are delivered specific to workplace topics.

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5 Ways Sales Enablement Drives Coaching and Sales Success

December 12th at 12:00 PM CST

This webinar will teach five specific coaching strategies that help sales teams leverage sales enablement & develop talent while scaling time. During this webinar we will teach the following:

1) How to use micro-groups to practice and build awareness of each team member's strengths and opportunities to improve in a thoughtful and professional manner.

2) How to use peer to peer coaching to accelerate knowledge and skill development using a cadence that will actually save sales management time.

3) The number one coaching strategy to leverage sales training in how to implement it across the organization.

4) How to use a specific feedback methodology called "Feedback Progressions" that accelerate the on-boarding of new salespeople helping them become more proficient in less time.

5) How to use video as a strategic coaching tool to develop sales ability and agility

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