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LIVE Interview

Cassandra Worthy: June 5th @ 1:00 pm cst

This is a MUST watch live interview with one of the most sought-after leaders when it comes to workplace change. Cassandra teaches an incredibly unique insight change using the phrase "enthusiastic change". Please attend this event is this interview will be highly entertaining and energetic and extremely informative.

LIVE Interview

Dan Hill: May 29th @ 11:00 am cst

This interview podcast will feature one of the most influential leaders in the field of emotional intelligence, Dan Hill PhD. Dan is recognized as one of the most sought-after leaders when it comes to the field of emotions in business. Please attend this highly informative interview webcast/podcast.

LIVE Interview

Jonathan Reynolds: June 19th @1 pm cst

Want to see a fun live interview with an inspiring CEO whose company is doing some of the most innovative work and accountant recruiting ministry? You have got to attend this live interview with Jonathan Reynolds from Titus Talent Strategies.


Checkout Johnathan' s Speaker Page: click here


When: June 19th at 1 PM central time

Register: click here 

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