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Get in the Habit of Sales Coaching

By Tim Hagen on Tue,Apr 30,2013 @ 03:59 PM

First of all why are we even coaching? We coach to develop people’s performance and attitudes. The reason we need coaches is because employees do not arbitrarily come to work and make a conscious decision to improve their performance. Again, the reason we coach is because performance and skill sets do not improve because sales leaders simply demand it. For example, it's typical for a sales leader to walk into a staff meeting and tell the staff: “C’mon everybody we need to get our numbers up. We need to start closing more business!”

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The Most Important Part of Sales Coaching

By Tim Hagen on Wed,Apr 24,2013 @ 04:35 PM

Engagement Is Powerful ! What is engagement?  Why is engagement so powerful? What risks do we assume if we are not engaged with our fellow employees? It’s when we interact with people cooperatively and without malice or prejudice. It’s hard because at times we do not get what we need from other people and we can react emotionally. There is a “true power” to engagement. The Leadership Council Study in 2007 showed people will yield a 57% greater discretionary effort when they are engaged with. Guess what EMAIL IS NOT ENGAGING! We need to talk more, listen more, help more, get to know each other more, learn about one another’s job more, etc.!

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Engagement is the Key to Employee Development

By Tim Hagen on Fri,Apr 19,2013 @ 03:48 PM

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Coaching the Bad Apples of The Group

By Tim Hagen on Wed,Apr 17,2013 @ 05:08 PM


Bad Attitudes can hinder a business but with coaching they can be solved. Bad attitudes can tear co-workers apart, can decrease productivity through out the office, and make co-workers unwilling to work together.

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How to Conduct Your Sales Meetings

By Tim Hagen on Tue,Mar 26,2013 @ 04:03 PM

Staff meetings are boring!

Topics: Sales Engagement
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4 Ways to be an Active Listener

By Tim Hagen on Thu,Mar 21,2013 @ 04:55 PM

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Coaching Your Inside Sales Team

By Tim Hagen on Tue,Mar 05,2013 @ 03:35 PM

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4 A's to Help You Coach Your Employees

By Tim Hagen on Fri,Mar 01,2013 @ 03:25 PM


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Coaching Checklist

By Tim Hagen on Tue,Feb 26,2013 @ 03:24 PM

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Sales Coaching 101

By Tim Hagen on Tue,Feb 12,2013 @ 03:26 PM

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3 Tips to Being Heard When You're Coaching

By Tim Hagen on Thu,Jan 31,2013 @ 03:39 PM

We talk often about coaching employees and constantly helping to develop them into superstar top performers.  However, as we have all experienced at one time or another, sometimes it’s not what you

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Engagement . . . What Makes Coaching Powerful and Effective

By Tim Hagen on Thu,Jan 31,2013 @ 03:20 PM

Engagement with your employees is the most effective coaching tool we have.  What comes first and what comes last is remembered best, so engaging first thing in the morning, or right before the end of day is highly effective.  How are you beginning your morning, or leaving your team at the end of the day?  

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Coaching in 30 Seconds!

By Tim Hagen on Thu,Jan 31,2013 @ 03:10 PM

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Demanding Performance Doesn't Work . . . But Coaching Does

By Tim Hagen on Tue,Jan 29,2013 @ 03:48 PM


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Starting The Coaching Process

By Tim Hagen on Tue,Jan 29,2013 @ 03:20 PM

Look, if we engage with employees on a day to day basis, and most managers do, why not make the most of it? But how does a manager do that? First, we need to be equipped with three fundamental steps to start the coaching process:


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