What is the Progress Coaching Academy?

The Progress Coaching Academy is an online platform that provides organizations a major solution to today's most common problem when it comes to coaching and training. The Academy provides a very targeted solution, positioning managers to learn how to coach to today's most common workplace challenges such as engagement, attitude, confidence, and more. 

Academy_2.jpgThe ultimate goal of any type of training is to apply what is taught to the real world. The Progress Coaching Academy has made this even easier. The academy provides very niche and targeted coaching courses specific to today's most common challenges, such as attitude, motivation, teamwork, career development, etc.

How is the Progress Coaching Academy Delivered?

The Progress Coaching Academy is an easy to use, user friendly on-line based course. Simply click the link to get started, create an account, and purchase the classes you would like to take. We can even take it one step further and provide the files for you to upload directly into your LMS platform to deliver on-demand to your managers and employees! Not good enough?? If you like the courses, we can have your very own Progress Coaching Academy branded to your company!

What you will achieve after taking our courses:

After completing the courses, you will increase your ability for better talent development, greater employee retention, better workplace behavior, increased employee morale, and more. All of these developments will be achieved in a positive manner using the techniques gained from the courses. you will also receive a certificate for every course you complete.

Click here to explore our current courses. Check back regularly as we add new courses to our library often!

Don't see the course that you need, contact us and we may be able to work with you to create it!



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