Having critical conversations makes people uncomfortable - We have the antidote!

One of the most difficult elements of coaching is to actually have the conversation with an employee. Managers don't know how to have the coaching conversation. Often they will struggle with what questions to ask or how to give feedback. If a manager cannot have the coaching conversation you will not have engaged managers and run the risk of losing top talent in your organization.

We've got your solution!

We have built a step-by-step, easy to use tool that frame out each coaching conversation, taking the excuses and thinking out of the equation. Each Coaching Prescription comes complete with learning projects, discussion questions and activities needed for each one-on-one coaching session. We do the work for you. Coaching Prescriptions simplify critical conversations, quelling even the most uncomfortable individuals.

Side effects may include:

After your managers use Coaching Prescriptions, you can expect accelerated performance, better engagement and an improved workplace culture! Don't believe me? Dont take my word for it. Check out what these customers have to say!

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