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12 Creative Ways to Build Engaging Sales Activities That Drive Performance

Posted by Tim Hagen on Thu,Jul 26,2012 @ 10:44 AM

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The Real World is what we all really want to work in - when trainers come in and try to train us NEVER having been in our world what do we do? We SHUT Down! What is we could facilitate sessions that were interactive, engaging , and best of all drove real world results and visibility? Using case studies REALLY gets employees engaged especially sales people because quite simply they CAN RELATE! If they cannot they are often thinking in training sessions or meetings about going back to selling or whatever their job is. If you present a case study such as a scenario everyone can relate to and prompt them to complete an activity in groups of 2 or 3 you have accomplished much more such as teamwork, peer to peer development / engagement, and most importantly best practices whereby people truly learn from one another/. Sim[ply, right? We have to plan them out or leaders will gravitate to the meeting lecture format where engagement & participation decrease rapidly.


  • A client calls in with the following complaint …
  • Break into groups of 3 and discuss what you would do to handle this situation and how would you go about winning back that client’s loyalty - be prepared to discuss specifically what you would do.
  • Each group then will presents their ideas and suggestions
  • After the groups present the leader has learned who gets it, who does not, and invariably an idea that could be put into immediate action

Case studies are an awesome way to drive attentiveness and performance!

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