Coaching To What Motivates Your Employees

by Tim Hagen on Fri,Jun 15,2012 @ 10:20 AM

Coaching To What Motivates Your Employees

describe the imageInside sales people are those people who will simply sit in one place for seven to eight hours a day, to not only make a living, but attain specific goals and sales challenges in order to gain not only greater success, but greater financial prosperity. This in itself takes a special person to truly gain and garner success. In addition to successful sales people, it is imperative that sales teams have strong leadership that poses proper coaching and leadership skills. Inside sales managers must possess high energy and proper coaching skills to truly drive performance.

Managers and supervisors of inside sales teams must have the ability to coach—Managers today are often promoted from within, and are provided very little guidance as to how to coach and develop employee skill sets, behavioral sets, and knowledge sets. A study conducted by SalesPerformance reported that employees who were coached by a direct manager or supervisor were able to apply standard training information four times more than employees that received no coaching.

Coaching is different from management in that coaching provides guidelines to becoming a successful employee. Leaders who coach focus on driving employees to perform better performance by concentrating on skill set development, attitude improvement, knowledge increase, and behavior enchantment.

In a recent study done by Theresa Amabile, employees were asked what motivated them the most. The answer was not reward or recognition, like many assumed. The answer was the feeing of progress or achievement. Managers and supervisors must have the ability to ask questions and understand where people’s fears, inhibitions, skill sets, and knowledge sets are to truly understand what the needs are of the employee in order for them to improve, to create greater bottom line success for the individual, as well as the sales team.

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