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Training + Coaching = Powerful Performance

Posted by Tim Hagen on Sat,Feb 04,2012 @ 06:33 AM

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The worlds of training and coaching MUST coexist! Training by itself dissipates after a short time; whereas, coaching, can be a daily pursuit of better developing employees. When a person leaves training whether it be on online or in a workshop setting organizations needs to be creative as to how to hand the ball from training to managers to coach their employees. Create coaching plans for managers to follow that enable them to coach to the attributes taught within the training. We call them "Progress Coaching Guides". These guides serve as a playbook for managers to follow but more importantly tie the worlds of training and management together.


Here is a brief example. A company is rolling out a new product. The training is a half day of features, benefits, and technical specifications. The training department could create mini guides of questions for managers to ask employees, activities to facilitate ensuring they have the proper knowledge, and are applying the product knowledge in the real world. Weekly or bi-weekly sessions could have employees teach what they are learning in the field as it relates to their jobs and sharing what challenges exits. This approach enables continuous learning and application to the real world.


If you would like a sample Progress Coaching Guide that shows a specific example of how to tie training and coaching together email me at:

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