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Training has to Change NOW!


TailspinTraining is in such a tail spin I LOVE IT. The days of "take my all day event for $250 a head" are finally leaving us . I love it because those events NEVER produce long-term measurable results. E-learning simply does not work when the courses are long and too generic to really hit home with learners. In today's fast paced social media driven world our attention spans are short and the only learning that works is when it addresses what people specifically are challenged with or need.

Managers Need To Coach! Plain and simple if managers are NOT coaching employees can never really perform better as managers have access to their staff more than internal or outside trainers; therefore, why do we accept the "I don t have time" excuse? Seriously, if accept that than lets at least accept we have consciously decided to keep staff's performance levels the same until further notice. The shame is employees than get evaluated at year end whether they improved or not but management did not have time to coach or help them? This makes no sense.

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