Problem: How do we go about re-enforcing training and make it easy for people to apply training they have learned?

Coach the Coach makes it easy for managers to apply Progress Coaching Training Certification to their real world. The process is extremely simple. 


Managers complete a SWOT analysis, delineating strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that each employee faces. This provides a quick glimpse into the current state of your employees, and a baseline for coaching approaches.


Every month, managers will complete a short survey, revealing what their real world challenges are. Examples include anything from an employee who is lacking motivation to an employee who has a bad attitude.

3_blue_clear.pngResponses are collected and converted into a personalized response giving specific feedback such as questions, activities, and learning projects, speaking to each manager and their specific issues on a monthly basis.

Coach the Coach will help accelerate the application of the Progress Coaching Training Certification, drive greater leadership and support the ability for managers to coach.



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