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Branded Coaching Solutions is a service where we provide direct feedback to your real world situation and allow you to put it under your name and brand. We private label it for you! We will provide content that is specific to your managers and customers real-world challenges, as we believe this is critical to creating the adoption of coaching. This solution will extend your brand and message to gain a foothold into the new the minds of those who need to coach.

What Do You Get?

We will develop for you three forms of content that you can disseminate on an unlimited basis under your brand, logo, and messaging. After completing a short survey each month we will develop a custom set of solutions delivered in the formats of a blog article (750-1000 words), a podcast (10-12 Minutes), and a flash video presentation (10-15 minutes).

Blog.pngWhy Use Branded Coaching Solutions?

If you are an organization that has managers who are or need to coach this will further promote your effort and help gain traction. Essentially, your managers will receive coaching content specific to real-world challenges. This will further create an adoption of the coaching that is needed. If you are an organization that has customers who need to coach the service will further extend your brand and identity and position you as a leader of the coaching movement.

How does the process work?

Each month you will complete a very simple survey depicting some common challenges at your organization in terms of talent development and retention. We will convert that understanding into three forms of content all provided under your brand, logo, and identity messaging:

  • 1000 word blog article
  • 10 minute podcast
  • 12 to 15 minute flash video presentation

All three content forms will be provided under your messaging and identity. This will allow you to have content that informs, inspires, educates, and trains specific to your world in regard to how coaching can drive performance.

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