Progress Coaching has built the first of its kind assessment tool, Get Your Pulse, that measures an employee's approach-ability and coach-ability. Get Your Pulse is the first multi-assessment, multi-dashboard platform of its kind that takes the pulse of the people that can affect the success of your organization. The system will automatically send learning tracks based off of the employee's score, to reinforce a core concept or performance area. 


Assessment Platform. Get Your Pulse base assessment measures nine specific ares of employees foundational attributes, such as attitude, motivation and acceptance of feedback, that can affect their ability to receive and cooperate within a coaching relationship. 

Automated Response System

Personalized Lessons, Automatically. Get Your Pulse allows you to immediately respond to assessment results to further nurture, educate and coach employees based on their actual assessment scores.

This proprietary feature allows organizations to not only learn and take the pulse of their employees, but to also set the system up to respond accordingly and specifically to the actual assessment results.


High level overview and detailed view of results. Each assessment can have it's own dashboard that depicts whats going on in terms of organizational strengths and areas for improvement. When it comes to employee development, retention and recruitment, the dashboard allows an administrator to ascertain what managers are struggling to work with on their team.

Reinforcement System

Training Reinforcement. The unique feature of Get Your Pulse is our training reinforcement system that allows you to schedule the delivery of lessons. These are small in nature, but big enought to allow you to see howemployees are learning and applying lessons in the real world. You also have the capability to upload and provide materials and links that employees and managers can access.



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